Jun 7, 2023

Viktoria Evans and Parker Evans co-founded Murder Pop as a self-release record label in 2018. Learning from their initial efforts on music videos and the animal focused channel RatCity, the Viktoria Evans YouTube found its first 10,000 subscribers in less than 18 months. With her debut novel Bound to Kill soon to be released, and hopefully turned into a documentary film, Murder Pop has even more exciting things planned for 2024 and beyond.

Murder Pop has grown into a full service media production shop, offering everything from bespoke media production and video editing services to collaborations and opportunities for sponsored videos, podcasts, and articles featured in Murder Pop Magazine.

Audience Metrics

Our target audience is college educated women and men interested in true crime journalism, music, film, nature, and culture.

  • Our viewers are

    • over 80% are 22-64,

    • over 60% are 25-54

    • about 64% of are female

    • more likely to have a family/kids

    • more likely to earn over $65,000

    • more likely to have a college degree

  • 54% are from the US,

  • 9.1% are from the UK

  • 5.9% are from Canada

  • 3.9% are from Australia

  • ~1% are from India, Germany, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Africa, the Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, France, Mexico, and Malaysia

  • top cities that viewers are from include Los Angeles, London, New York, Sydney and Melbourne.

  • We have

    • an impression Click Thru Rate over 10%

    • an Engagement Rate near 3%

    • an above average View Duration of 15:22

    • over 50,000 hours watched

    • over 600,000 views from 3,000,000 impressions

    • Over 11,000 subscribers across all channels

Tell us your marketing goals and which audience segments you’d like us to focus on, and our team will dream up a bespoke marketing strategy that’s custom tailored to target the people you want to reach.

Our campaign will advocate for the deep value your product or service brings, and walk your future customers through the decision-making process that leads to a purchase.

Our team is made up of artists, content creators, strategists, marketers, and data geeks all working to build effective, targeted and memorable marketing campaigns. Tell us your goals and we’ll help you stay engaged with your customers.

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